from a dad's view

Lion of different color


This painting has been fun to do while recovering from heart by-pass surgery. Although the first week after being released from the hospital I didn’t feel like doing anything, let alone even moving, I now feel pretty good. It’s amazing what technology, doctors and surgeons, and the blessing of God can do.

My brother-in-law suggested that the drips made him see in the painting of something once strong and above all, is now becoming weak and possibly not as strong. I love the thought and critique of it and realize that this is exactly how I felt and feel finding out about my heart. Although not by any means an athelete or power house, I’ve always been fit, active and eat well. Now weakened by the surgery and not sure of my future, all I can do is to be all that I can be, and do, all that I can do. Even though at 52, like the lion, my power is beginning to drip away, I still have a whole lot of color in my life.

2 responses

  1. I just stopped by and learned you had bypass surgery, Ryan. I hope you are up and about, now, feeling as strong as ever. Your lion is wonderful and I like all the running color with half his face in the light and the rest in shadow.

    May 17, 2016 at 9:50 am

    • Thank you Leslie,
      It was a surprise for me and my doctor. No big symptoms, just tightness when mowing and unfortunately bad genetics. Feeling good, slowed me down for months, but getting back to it.
      Have a great summer and stay healthy!

      May 17, 2016 at 11:43 am

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