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Spring? Bring it! – watercolors

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These are several fast ink and watercolor sketches that I’ve recently finished just trying to bring Spring to southern Indiana.

The bottom left is a non-Spring related ink sketch, but is an old retro style Sci-Fi scene. With an astronaut hoping they know that he comes in peace, not realizing what behind him, does not!

The other three are a familiar scene from the southern Indiana area. The Spring rains have begun, and the snow has all but melted away, that’s not to say that we might get more next week. Last week we received 8.5″ of snow and temps were in the single digits farenheit, this week, almost 70 degrees. As we would say around here “If you don’t like the weather today, wait till tomorrow, it will completely be different.”

These are 5″ x 7″ on 140 cold press watercolor paper.

Thanks for viewing and I hope flowers are blooming where-ever you live.


Gnarly Old Tree

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First of all let me thank everyone that responded so kindly to my April fools joke.  I would have never imagined that I would have gotten so many responses, and so many concerns on what was going on.  That’s why I published a winner as soon as I had one, because of the guilt I felt and to assure all my friends out there, that everything was just fine. I will never pull this one again, so the next time I publish something similar it will be for real.

As for the pen and watercolor wash above, it’s 7″ x 10″ as was drawn with a tech pen, a fine brush, and watercolors.  I was undecided on whether to add the green or keep it just gray and black, but I have drawn so many trees in the past that were just black and white, I decided to add a splash of color.  But I did decide to keep it just one additional color, which is a sage green, and only painting the tree and a few rocks for a mold effect. Keeping everything else just the pen and ink.  I hope that you enjoy it, those who are still visiting and talking to me that is!


Butterfly Fairy – watercolor

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A little fantasy never hurt anyone, so friday I started playing around with this one while on break and finished it last night.  I was hoping to have the Venice canal finished, but this weekend was Honey-do-this weekend.  That, and our spring break getaway is coming up fast, so I’m preparing for that.  This was a nude model photo, that I added the wings and color too. I was going to make it darker and more of a sad fallen fairy, but as I was painting it, I began to go in the direction of lovely and calm.

I hope you like it and let me know either way!


It was a computer virus, the virus that swept through all of wordpress.  At first people thought of it as just another virus causing harddrive damage and inconvenience, but it was more, so much more.  It was the RYAN-O-Virus, a virus not to be contained, and had no cure.  You were warned! You were told not to visit the site asmalltowndad, but did you listen NO! And now look at you… Your a Blog Zombie!  Hair falling out, brains turning to mush, eye’s sinking and turning gray, and the hunger… oh, the hunger for more Ryan-O-Virus, you cannot stop!  it will be over soon, soon all will be effected and we will all be blog zombies, feeding off of each others blogs.  No more flowers, no more ducks, and absolutely no more damn barns! Nothing but skulls, rot, evil, gore (not Al Gore) don’t want to get that scary, and cute little birdies, um oh o.k. no cute little birdies either!

Warning: Ryan-O-Virus shots are now available at Walgreens, CVS, Ice Cream shops, corner venders, Fruit Markets, and local bars.

Thank you Beth for holding the challenge and I hate to say it again, but this was done last minute because I forgot that we were leaving today for our yearly Halloween camp out. I won’t be able to check everyones post until monday but I’m already excited and can’t wait. Also, I know that I have missed several blog zombies and I apologize, but I ran out of time.

Happy Halloween to all and be safe!

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Zombie Cast from left to right;

Native American Hunter-Pen & Ink

This is not from my friends book, but from the inspiration I had while doing the artwork.  I hope that no one is offended by what I have written, it is written with respect and honor of both life and death.

The Drawing is copy righted, please do not rip my friend off!

Alone-Robot hand final sketch

This is no Easter Bunny!

That’s right, if you see this thing bringing you eggs this weekend… RUN!  I’m sorry to post such a evil painting this weekend, but my time has been extremely busy so I have to post this old painting I did for a friend in 2005. He is into the fantasy card games and wanted me to paint this creature from one of his cards.  It’s all acrylic on canvas and painted in two evenings. I haven’t posted very many of my acrylics and thought this might be interesting for some of you to see.  Most of my acrylics have been sold or given away with no photo archiving of them, so I have very little to show for them.

In my earlier years of painting, almost all were either landscaping and fantasy, but mostly fantasy.  Now I try to mix it up for my own interest more than anything else.

I hope you enjoy and Happy Easter!