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Due to the Graphic content

scaryhotThe content to this blog may be to graphic for the weak hearted or elderly… wait a minute that’s me! O.K., it’s a graphic, just a graphic, nothing scary, nothing gross, well at least not much, and kinda hot, but not obscene. I thought that I would do something a little different in style for the halloween theme, and go with a graphic style vampire . I enjoy halloween because it allows us to be a little crazy, creative, and it’s the only holiday that you’re supposed to be ugly, which is easy for us that are already ugly.

My family and I just spent the weekend at a halloween themed campground. The entire campground of more than 350 lots, decorate and create halloween scenes at each lot. The campground also has dances for the teens, pumpkin carving, ghost stories around a giant fire, and much more. Adults dress up and become kids for the weekend and enjoy each others company and food. Food, lots of food, to much food and guess what, I ate it all, I’m so ashamed. The campground is called Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus, Indiana, the web is They started with 1 weekend and now due to popularity have grown to 6 weekends. They have 200 rentable campers that have a queen size bed, kitchen, dining room table, living area and a bedroom with 4 bunk beds, with heat, air, and kitchen appliances. I know what you’re thinking… that’s not camping, but as long as you have a huge campfire  marshmallows and chocolate, that’s camping. Check it out and try to find a local campground and encourage them to due the same. They make a fortune off of it, and it’s great fun for family and friends.

Whether a trick or treat, leave me a comment!

Horse – Watercolor

HorseeyeI started this last night for my daughter. She loves horses and is off to college to become a vet tech, specializing in equine breeding or therapy. I know it’s similar to the predator painting, but I think she’ll love it. It’s almost finished with just a few more hair details to be placed under the eye and jaw. Thanks for visiting!

I just need to loosen up

windowI’m pretty calm and relaxed in my everyday living, but when it comes to art and woodworking, sometimes the creativity goes out the window (no pun intended) and precision and tightness takes over. Artist have always impressed me by the looseness in their paintigs, and yet accomplish amazing beauty in their work. My wife wanted more black and white paintings for our home so I set out one evening to complete this window scene. But, I wanted to treat it more as a sketch, than a painting, in other words try to stay loose without giving into the illustrator side in me. I finished it in one evening, which included a undetermined time lapse due to falling asleep while painting it (how much more relaxed can you get). Very seldom do I take naps, I believe in the saying (I’ll have plenty of time for rest, when I’m dead). But at my age (old) sometimes a nap is required.

This watercolor didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping, but I was determined not to go back and put in more detail. I have tried everything to stay loose, holding the far end of a brush, only to catch myself inching my hand towards the brush end to get more precise. Using brushes bigger than I need, only to catch myself angling the brush end to use the corner or edge of the brush to get detail. But, I’m trying, and my blog artist friends are a motivation. Seeing what you can accomplish with artistic styles, the color, light contrast, depth and creativity while maintaining a loose, beauty styled painting.

emBARKED on new watercolor!

DriftwoodTook a break from the fantasy painting in order to complete this black and white wash this weekend. I love black and white photos and have requested my photog blog friends to post more of their black and whites. So, I decided to do a mono painting, and the flow of this driftwood entangled with each other caught my eye. It’s a 12″ x 16″ watercolor on hotpressed board. It took about 4 hrs to complete and was for sell, until my wife decided she wanted to keep it. She wins… all the time! So, it will be framed in a modern black frame, but I’m not sure on matting or not. The seam down the middle is a scanning mark, because I had to scan in two separate scans and pieced it together.

I was wondering, what would be considered a fair market price for a painting similar to this one? I usually give or sell my paintings to friends and family at a discounted or free, usually free, so I’m not sure what to ask when people contact me to purchase a painting. I’m not a crazy artist that gets offended by remarks or comments on my art. For one, I realize, all people have different taste, in music, art, looks and material things. So I don’t expect everyone to love my art or want to own one. But with the international market opening up for me, thanks to the internet, I have been contacted by several people wanting to buy my art, and  I’m not sure of what price I should be selling my paintings for. Do you go by the time put into the painting? Or is there a standard price for an unknown artist piece of art?

Help me out, all you pro’s out there, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Tis the Season-watercolor

SnowwalkI know, I know it’s not winter in Indiana yet, but it is in my world. This is the time, starting in August, that I design corporate Christmas cards, oh, I’m sorry, Holiday cards for those politically correct. The watercolor posted, is a sketch for a card that I had done for one of our customers. Most of you know that I love the beach and the heat. There is only one week that I love snow and winter weather and that’s Christmas. Every once in a while we get lucky in Indiana and receive snow during the Christmas holidays and I love it. But once the new year rolls around, I’m ready for Spring again. I think more than the weather itself, what bothers me is the short days of daylight. I get to work about 7 a.m. and then get back home around 5 p.m., during the winter it’s dark when I go to work and then dark by time I get home for the evening… HATE IT!

But as the season approaches and the temperature drops, may your home and heart be filled with warmth, no matter what religion or philosophy you believe in.

Yep, another watercolor of a barn

barnfnlThis is a follow up on the last post. I finished this last night for my sister (metaphase). The scan once again isn’t the best but it gives you an idea on what it looks like. I’m testing out the best and least expensive way for some students to get into to watercolor. This set of 12, .4 oz tubes of reeves watercolors was $9.00, four nice brushes were $23.00 and watercolor coldpress paper. The barn painting was completed using this exact set. That’s one thing nice about watercolor, the tubes are small but the paint goes a long way.

There are some fantastic artist visiting my blog and I would love to hear your critics on my technic or directions to help improve my paintings. I haven’t been schooled at all, other than high school classes, so any suggestions are welcomed. I hope to be giving free classes over the winter just to get people into the arts and your suggestions will be helpful. I will learn from my students just as much as I will teach I’m sure.

My first Oil Painting



Yep, you would think after painting and drawing for 30 years, I would have attempted an oil painting. But all through high school we weren’t allowed because of the ventilation problems, and I never went to college or had art training. Because of that I just became accustom to acrylics and other medias. This is the first oil painting ever for me, measuring 24″ x 36″ finished in 2007, which took about 10 hours. I get bored with the subjects and mediums so I change frequently. Not the best thing for a fine art career but it keeps me interested. The color and contrast isn’t the best due to poor camera pic, but it will give you an idea of what it look like. 

I would gladly listen to suggestions from experienced oil artist, or anyone else with critic or direction.

Eye’s of a Predator-watercolor



I Started with the Owl, and then decided to make this long piece of scrap board a strip of predator eyes. It’s total measurement is 1 1/2″ x 8″ and was done in watercolors and pen. The subjects are the wolf, lynx (bobcat) and an owl, all with gorgeous eyes.

I hope you try something similar to this, it’s fun and fast. Some other ideas you might try are leaves, flowers or anything in a set, but start off simple.

Enjoy, get a set of school watercolors and give it a try!

Native American-Sketch Final

Indian#2This is the final for the Sketch and blog posted yesterday. I’m moving on to a new subject, it’s been a long time since sketching or painting a Native American, enjoyed doing it.