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Sunflower – watercolor

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Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months, to which you feel like this sunflower looks? Since I’ve hit the 50 mark… a few years ago, this represents me big time. I don’t mind the wrinkles, the wilting of the hair, or the drooping of muscles… what little I had, but no energy! That sucks! I try to stay busy when I get home from work and that helps, but it takes a lot more effort to maintain verticality. Forget the six pack abs, guns for arms, and the ability to run with-out passing out, just give me a BIG-O-BUCKET of energy, and I would be loving it!

Here are a 10 signs that your flower is wilting!
1. When you go out to get the Sunday paper… and realize it’s Monday!
2. When you use the excuse that the recliner is more comfortable than your bed… but it’s really because you don’t have the energy to get up and go to bed.
3. (Mostly old men) when you notice that your pant zipper is very seldom zipped up now days… to much energy wasted zipping them, and faster access when you’ve layed in the recliner so long that you almost pee yourself!
4. When you fall asleep… before your wife!
5. When your triceps wave more than your hand… when waving!
6. When you try to z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z, oops! Fall asleep while blogging!
7. When your wife is frisky… and you claim to have a headache!
8. When you stop at 8 in a top ten reason list… because you just don’t have the energy to make 10!

You all can fill in the rest… I’m going to take a nap!

16″ x 20″ watercolor on 140lb coldpress paper

Greens in Winter – Watercolor

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Even though I am a warm weathered person, I love the heat, the sun and the oceans, there’s not a lot of things in this world that is more calming and beautiful than a walk through a woods with fresh snow on the ground. It has a refreshing smell of pines and fresh air when you breathe it in, and to see the wildlife flying or running around as though they have a new lease on life. I love the convenience of the city, but the man to earth relationship of the country.  I have always been an explorer at heart and the finding of foot prints, nest, bones, shells, and other wonders of the woods, just make it more exciting to wonder. There used to be a tag line on the Indiana license plates that said “Wonder Indiana”, they must have created that by watching my actions. I can start a walk early in the morning and absolutely get lost in time and explore the woods an entire day. I know I have written about walking before, but a walk on concrete and asphalt isn’t what I was talking about. Sure it’s physically healthy to walk on streets, but the walking through nature, especially a woods or around a lake, is both mentally and physically healthy. This is great time of the year in the midwest to do so, the bugs are almost nonexistent  and it’s cool and refreshing, just make sure that you where bright orange or go to a park to avoid the deer hunters like myself. As you walk take time to look close at the shape of trees, the formation of the stones and landscape, and stop every once in a while and give time to fool the creators in to thinking that you’re not there and listen to them communicate with song and chatter.  I hope you have fun and think of me and this painting while doing so!

Have a great weekend!