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Devil’s Den – Gettysburg

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Here are a few photos taken from my recent trip to Gettysburg PA.  These are from the area of Little Round Top and Devil’s Den, where one of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War took place. The sad thing is that this is an amazingly beautiful place, and  if not familiar with the area, a person would have no idea that these same grounds was covered with the blood of Americans.   I never want to forget what took place just a little over 100 years ago, but I also never want these same lands and others, be bloodied by ignorance and evil again. It’s sad to think that some consider race as a reason for hatred and war, but it also warms my heart knowing that so many men and young boys were willing to give their lives to fight against this evil. I will be reading and studying more on this war because I have failed to do so in the past, and this war should be studied and remember by all in order to keep the same mistakes to happen in the future for us, and our children. People are always willing to show the sad and evil side of our past, but fail to show that some men and women are willing to fight and give up their lives, for the good.

On this week of celebration of our Independence, I want to thank all those whom have fought, and continue to fight, not for just our freedom, but for those around the world.

Feel free to use the photos above for reference for your drawings or paintings, I hope to have a few next week of my own.

Like stone in a creek

Sorry this took a little longer to post than I thought, I’m a little busy at work and at home.  This is a watercolor that I had started during our weekend family and friends camp out, but just now getting to posting it.

As I was painting the stones below the driftwood, I realized of all the different sizes and colors of the stones are a lot like people.  No matter how the government, religions, special interest groups, try to make us all the same… we’re not.  We are all different in color, we are all different shapes, we have different ethics and morals, some are athletic, some are super smart, and some our both, some are right and some are wrong, some are good and some are bad, some work their butts off, and some do nothing… we are all different and will never be the same.  And yet like the stones, we can gather in the same area, making a beautiful pattern of shapes and colors.  As a stone, I’m tan in color, unfortunately rounder than I prefer, and I’m usually on the move.  And I truly don’t care what stone settles next to me, I don’t care what shape, color or origin, but what I do care about is that the stone is strong and helps build a strong foundation.  A weak, soft stone, that is relying on the other stones for support and structure, will only cause decay and erosion.  Don’t get me wrong, even the smallest of pebbles, and each grain of sand, can build a strong foundation, if worked right and finds its place in the creek bed, but it’s the ones relying on others, that don’t try to find their strength in the community, that may cause the down fall of the entire community.  We have charities, churches, friends and family, that acts like a root system, reaching out to those that truly need help and grasping on to them, helping them become part of a strong foundation. But this is not an excuse to do nothing, and expect the reaching out from others if you have a choice.

I know that I have preached this before, and it’s not because I have no compassion or love for fellow-man, actually just the opposite. We have better schooling, technology, and opportunities, than we did when Jefferson, Franklin, Newton, Carver, Ford and more, made their mark in history.  So it’s our attitudes, work ethics, and excuses that are getting in our way from making our sound foundation community.  I want everyone to have as much as they want in riches, not just money, but in life, and I have no jealousy toward those that have more. The saying “I have never been employed by a poor man“ is so true. but you have to as an individual, work hard, position yourself among others and even though you might not be the biggest, or the strongest, you may be a tan, red, yellow, black or a speckled stone, there is a place for you to make our community a strong foundation and a beautiful pattern of strength and color.  Make it your goal in the next year to better yourself, challenge yourself, stand up for yourself and don’t rely on others to do this for you.  As a stronger individual, you’ll make a stronger family, making a stronger community, making a stronger Nation. Be a rock in the creek… not soft mud!

Man up and Fix IT! Oil Spill

This is a quick marker and watercolor sketch for a painting, depicting the disgust I have for all the destruction of the gulf.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for drilling, both coastal and inland, this is a source we need and have plenty of if done right.  First of all, if it was closer to the shoreline it would have been cap within days, but because of the depth, it makes the procedures near impossible to do quickly.  Secondly, what the heck is up with the government  and its red tape and stupidity.  From what I understand there were clean up ships offered by other countries within days of the spill to help in the clean up, but was refused by a crazy law, not allowing foreign-made ships to be used for such matters… what, huh, what!  From what I understand both President Bush and President Clinton allowed this law to be lapse in order to receive help for exxon and other matters. I’m sure you all have seen the same videos that I have on different products and ideas for soaking up and cleaning up this disaster, but yet they do very little to clean up that which has already been spilled.

So, this sketch is my version of the greed and politics at its worst, allowing something so wonderful and needed to slip through the hands of those responsible and becoming something horrible and deadly.

What I would love to see is someone taking this sketch or your own version and paint it.  I give complete permission to use my art on this one sketch to do so.  All I ask is that you contact me once finished so that I can see your work.

O.K. BP, Federal Government and President Obama, get off your ass, get off the political maneuvering, and get this thing fixed.