from a dad's view


a RAY of SOUL – watercolor

This songs for you… well I can’t sing-a-lick, so instead I painted this version of one of my favorite voices, Ray Charles.  I was listening to his song “This song’s for you”, talking about kicking butt, this man could do it.  The soul that some musicians have, absolutely comes through every word they sing.  They might not have the greatest of voices (he did), but the energy, the passion, and the soul that they release, makes the song.  I love music of all kinds, as long as they put some type of soul into the song.  We have lost that in the last 20 years, because of lip syncing and the pop music marketing.  If you noticed most of the huge stars in the past 20 years have disappeared, and that’s because they didn’t have, or lost the passion and soul of their music.  Don’t get me wrong, I have listened to Pop music all my life, and some was absolutely horrible… but fun, but fun usually will get a singer a one hit wonder, or if your lucky two.  Look at the music industry and see who is still surviving and releasing music even after the age of 50, 60’s, it’s because they have the soul.  The one thing that I have noticed on this years American Idol, is that more of the singers have that soul to their voices, and passion for what they are singing. Let’s just hope that the music industry don’t get a hold of them and rob them of their souls.  Because a person with out soul, is a person without heart.  So throw away those damn head mics, throw away those recordings playing in the background, grab a guitar, piano, or hand-held mic and bring back the soul in music.

This watercolor is a 3.5″ x 3.5″ on hot pressed board, and I rocked to Ray while painting it!