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Wise Whimsical Owl – Watercolor and Ink


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More than meets the eye! Just like life, if you zoom in on the eye, you will see that I have line shading with ink. At first you might not notice it, but if you look closer into the painting or at life, there’s more there than originally thought. It’s amazing to me that although 50 years old, I am continually learning daily. Learning from what I have done wrong in the past, what I have done correct, and just flat-out learning things new to my life. I have started giving private art lessons, which is new to me, I am a father of young ladies venturing off into their own life and not just my little girls depending on me, and soon looking at retirement of a job that I have had for 26 years… Life has been and continues to be an adventure. I see things that I want to try, even if I started today doing them all, I’m pretty sure that I would run out of time before completing a lot of them. Where would I even start? Traveling, seeing and doing things in different places, Art, my goodness the creativity that I see now days just makes my head swim with ideas of my own, sports, wood working, archeology digs, repurposing objects into art and furniture, metal detecting, and that’s just a start. Now let’s include hunting, fishing, ocean walks, family, wife, my, daughters and yes, maybe even someday… grandchildren!

A wise old man once said   “Life begins in a moment, and ends even Quicker” Okay an old man did say it, he’s not wise, but the old man knows, because that old man is me!

My advice to young people, never put off things! Whether it’s work, play or family, get up, get out, and just do it, or you will miss out on so much and wished that you had a chance to do it all over someday. I see so much laziness from young and old now days wasting their time watching tv, computers, games, and other items that keeps people from growing. There is a place in this world for all of them, and I do use them daily, but I limit my time on each, and enjoy the outdoors, activities and people so much more than those items. Now get off the computer and find a passion that brings out the creativity, energy, emotion, or the help of others!

7″ x 10″ watercolor with pen and ink eyes and shading

Polar Express Train – Watercolor

PolarTrainClick image to zoom in

This is my watercolor of the French Lick Train that they use for a Polar Express train ride and dinner in French Lick, Indiana. French Lick has a magnificent Inn and the West Baden Hotel that was considered on of the wonders of the world at one time and is absolutely beautiful. I will be at an art show there this weekend.  West Baden was once a hotel for the rich and hollywood famous, and after a complete remodel, should still be considered one of the best. I hope to do more private showings soon, and possibly some travels in the near future. Have a great Christmas and Holidays!

Prints available

8″ x 11″ Image size = $20.00 + SH

11″ x 14″ Premium Suede Matted print = $35.00 + SH

Contact me at

Santa Sleigh – Watercolor

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Ho Ho Ho, with a frost-bitten toe. His face is red, and he’s been way over fed. But still delivering the goods, whether you live in the city or in the woods. Okay, I know, that’s enough of that, so I’ll stop. But what I was getting to is each year some of us receives gifts for Christmas and I was wondering what have been some of your favorites Christmas gifts in the past. This is my Santa print for 2012 and will be available soon.

Some of  my favorites;

1. Red Rider BB gun, that’s right just like in the movie. With red rider on the side and a leather strap hanging from a ring… loved it!

2. My first official nice stereo with high-speed dubbing cassette recording, with speaker past the hips in height… that’s right, the bigger the better in those days.

3. Anything hunting and fishing

What are some of your favorites?

Christmas and Lace – Watercolor

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Ryan, painting lace, I know and yes it’s true, of course I wanted to add some camo to it, but fought the urge. This Christmas still life is a 8″ x 11″ watercolor image, framed in a 11″ x 14″ antiqued frame. I know it’s early for Christmas and winter paintings, but I’m actually running late on them for upcoming shows. Prints are yet to come back from the printer and originals still need to be painted. I wanted a lot of lace and white cloth contrasting with the dark background, and most of the color high on the paintings edge. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think or what you would have done different.

Price: Original 8″ x 11″ watercolor, 11″ x 14″ frame     $225.00 plus SH

Winter Steeple – Holiday Card

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This watercolor painting of a lovely old church steeple,  will soon be available as prints and Christmas cards. I’m thinking of adding a cardinal in the trees just to add a touch of color, but not sure yet. I did a barn last year that I really liked (sold) that I added a wreath, the wreath was the only item with color. I’m hoping to have a snowman, another winter barn and possibly another Santa Claus. The print of last years Santa sold really well (, I have a few left if you would like to purchase one. They are signed and numbered, and will fit a 16 x 20 frame once matted. I hope to have the cards soon of this years watercolors.

Fair Warning – Acrylic Elephant Fnl

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Here it is… finally got a few minutes this weekend to finish it up.  I hope you like how it turned out!  To purchase, please visit my other website

Santa – Limited Edition Prints

Hot off the press, My first Limited Edition, numbered, signed, 4 color digital litho Prints of my “Santa’s Wink” watercolor.  The print has an image size of 12″ x 16″, and printed on a Heavy Acid Free 80lb cover stock, that can be easily matted and framed in a standard 16″ x 20″ frame.  I’m sure this would make a wonderful gift for that person who have everything, collects Santas or just to fill a spot with a holiday touch.  I appreciate all of you, and I hope  that you will help me out and do some marketing for me.

The specs:

Limited Edition (500, and only 500) Digital 4 color Litho Print

Signed and numbered by the artist

12 3/4″ x 17″ sheet size / 12″ x 16″ Image size

80lb Heavy Cover Stock Acid Free Paper

$35.00 + SH

Thank you again!



Mermaid of the Sea – Watercolor

Lost among the never-ending swells of blue, waves pounding the sides of our ship, sending its dousing spray of foam and water over the decks edge.  No stars above, no light below, nothing but the crashing waves separating the blackened deaths.  Why did we begin this journey?  Is the greed of man needing more money worth the chance of losing the only thing that money cannot buy, worth it.  Oh God, I pray to you now, grip our ship in your hands and steady us, as we fight through this killing storm.  My friends, getting swept away over the sides likes peas on a tilted plate, and yet there is nothing I can do to save them because it takes every ounce of my strength to hang on for my own life. Dear God! I have prayed, I have begged, why have you not saved us from horror!

CRACK! BAM! All went black, has God struck me down in death for striking unfaithful words at him, movement has left my body, my once strong arms, now lay limp.  Oh God, I’m dead, and my soul left here for eternity, not to be lifted to the heavens above.  But then in a distance, or is it close, a dim light begins to brighten, sounds of my men begin to come alive, my arms are starting to regain some strength. I’m not dead, I yelled! I’m alive! I have cheated the hands of the storm, and God! But my men haven’t been so lucky, I am the only survivor, yet upon wakening, I heard voices of my men speaking of the beauty. Where have they all gone, I know that I wasn’t dreaming, I heard my men speaking of the amazing beauty of the sea, and the sounds of heavenly voices in rejoice.  But yet not a soul is aboard, but mine.  That’s when I heard a sound… a wonderful, heavenly sound of angels coming from the sea, as though it was calling me to the ships edge.  Almost in a trance like walk I couldn’t help but to seek out this heavenly sound.  As I peered into the, now calm seas, dark as black, but yet still blue, images of angels begin to swim below. Are these dolphins, and my head hurting from the blow from the wooden mass striking my head have me seeing things? But that heavenly voice singing to me, as though I am being called to heaven. Where is it coming from?  The graceful dancing figure appears closer to the waters top, it’s more beautiful than I can ever imagine, an angel, an angel from below comes to me in song.  She appears above speaking only through song, her body of a perfect woman on top, yet her legs cannot be seen.  She reaches as though to be pulled onto the ship. Is this a gift from God for me so I’m not alone?  I don’t care where she came from, but I know that I only care I want to be with her for eternity.  I reach down to grab her with my strong-arms to pull her aboard, reaching until our finger tips begin to caress, reaching further to take grasp of her warm, delicate hands.  I can’t wait to pull her aboard! But wait! Her hands become cold, her song becomes evil, and her beauty, Oh, her beauty becomes demonic! I try to release her grip and break free from this evil, but I am powerless against her strength. She drags me over and into the sea, dragging me deeper and deeper into the black, bottoms of the sea. My want, my greed for lust and money, has once again put me in the arms of death, never to see life again. All of my men fall into the same fate, and now their leader, their captain, joins them once again, into the hell of the Sirens!

There you go, I tried to put a little story with my painting this morning. I hope you enjoy both, or at least one or the other! LOL The watercolor is 5″ x 7″ on 140lb coldpress paper, with acrylic pearls.  I tried to make her beautiful and yet a little drop of possible evil. Thanks for visiting!

Peeping through the Window

Emptiness, how sad, cold, and soulless.  So many places, once called home, whether in the city, suburbs or country, held so many wonderful families, and now set empty.  How can a place filled with warmth and love, become just another structure once abandoned?  Could this be where the saying “your home is where your heart is” comes from.  What’s even more amazing, is that it doesn’t matter how big or lavish the structure is, it still is just a structure once abandoned.  Our home of 3800 square feet, 1930 original wrought iron stairway and huge wrought iron gates in the hallway, 10″ mahogany crown molding and arched door passages and so much more, wasn’t a home because of the elegance, but because my wife and I, loved and raised our wonderful daughters there.  Planning for early retirement, we now live in a 2400 square foot home, pretty plain Jane in style, with features for our elderly years, and is just as warm, and filled with love as our larger house.  We left a structure 3 years ago, that once was our home, but we brought with us all the memories and the things that matter with us, and leaving it as just another structure.  Just like the sunlight pouring into a window of a house, without a soul to warm upon touching, it’s just another wasted area of space, light, and no longer a home.

This is a preliminary watercolor sketch for an oil or acrylic painting that is already sketched onto canvas, and hopefully will be started on this weekend. Not sure if I want to do a pure Black and white, or more of a warming color such as sepia. Leaning more to the sepia in color right now.  What do you think? Leave me your suggestions on color.


Tsunami – Raping of the Land and it’s People

This graphic is something that I started, and really didn’t know how I felt about it, while drawing it.  How can something so magnificent, powerful and really beautiful, be so destructive and killing.  I was just out to sea, only about 20 miles off shore deep-sea fishing, and was absolutely amazed by the beauty of the ocean.  The color, the creatures, the rhythm of the waves, I just stared in wonder.  But then I remembered the horrible tragedy in Japan just a few weeks ago, and other places in the past.  This liquid that can be se cleansing, so delicate to the touch of a finger, can instantly turn into a power like no other.  As I thought more about it, I started thinking of my family basking on the beach just miles from me, the same as so many in Japan, and what was lost in just seconds.  I guess with living, and I do want to live life to the fullest, there are always that chance of something horrible can happen.  Fires, Storms, Human conflict and yes tsunamis, are something that can happen at any moment, but I can’t imagine not taking those chances, and live, while breathing.  The amazing time that my family had on the beach, the amazing time that I had on the ocean, out counters the chance of catastrophe and not living life to its fullest. If anything the knowledge that life can be taken away at any moment, gives me even more motivation to live it, and appreciate it now.

I pray for the people of Japan, and I hope from all that was taken by this rape of their country, that they recover fully.  The reason I say rape, is because this is something that could not have been stopped, or was caused by any neglect or any evil of Japan’s people. I hope and pray that the reactors and contamination is soon resolved, and I believe because of their respect for each other, and the way the Japanese people will give all for their country, they will soon be back as one of the most powerful countries in our world.

My art can do very little to show the hurt, the pain, the destruction of places that have been affected by a tsunamis, but I also wanted to show a slight beauty to the massive wave as well.  Please don’t take this piece of art as anything but art, it’s not political, it’s not racist, and it’s not an indication or belief that anyone deserves any such as a tsunami… it’s just my art and thoughts! The blue wave (hand) represents the tsunami, taking the resources from the Land (the green hand) in a tug of war of give and take.

Branching out – watercolor

Sorry for the slow posting, but work and home projects has kept me from the easel.   Totally forgetting the self portrait challenge at Linda Halcomb, I hope to post mine later this week.  Here is a branch of turning leaves that I finished last night, preparing for the season change.  Although it was 98 degrees here in southern Indiana yesterday, I’m hoping Fall is just around the corner.

As for the branching out part, I need professional help… No not that kind of help, I’m not that crazy yet, at least I don’t think I am.  Anyway, I’m thinking of giving paid art lessons, but I have no idea what to charge.  I need help for pricing solo lessons and group.  I know that I’m not a professional fine artist, but I think that I have something to help others grow in their talents.  So please help me out and be straight forward with me, I can take it. Let me know what the best amount of time per class should be, and at what cost for private and group fees. Thanks!

And I promise Linda, a self portrait by the end of the week!  It will be scary ugly, but I’ll do it anyways.

Elephant – last of three

My scanner is the worst, but here it is.  The color is much better in real life but I just can’t seem to adjust the scanner to pick it up.  These have been extremely popular here at work and with family, which is surprising to me because of the bright colors.  I hope you like!

Going Old School

Back to the basics, and back to one of the first things my high school art teacher would teach us… sketch and sketch quickly.  Well, after thirty years or so, and very little contact, my once art teacher and now friend visited me to get help on printing a book that he had written, following the trails and history of a tomahawk, now owned by a museum, but once owned by his Native American family.  Hopefully soon, this story of his families tomahawk will soon be printed in a wonderful embossed and foiled hardback book, with his own written words, with sketches and drawing from himself, family and possibly by me.  As soon as the book is in production, it is my hope that I can offer a few to the readers, that visit my blog.

Actually, this post is to tell you a little about Mr. Morrison, that I now call by his first name and friend.  Even though I have seen him just a few times in the last 30 years, his teachings and guidance has given me the wonderful career that have today.  Mr. Morrison has told me several times that he isn’t a very good artist, and I would beg to differ, but I think we would both agree that he was an excellent teacher.  A matter of fact, after 30 years of being in the graphics field, an art director and one that have seen other teachings, I would say that he was the best art teacher that I’ve known.  I have seen so many college students come from Purdue, I.U., and so many other large universities with bachelors degrees in art or design, come out with less knowledge and how to use their creativity, than I did in his high school grads.  With very little funding from the school, with very little respect from administrators and teachers (because he was an art teacher), he seemed to get the most out of some of us, that other teachers couldn’t.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until after I had graduated, but soon into the first and only semester of college that I had attended, I was soon to understand how lucky I was to have him as my teacher.  Some will be giving  me a hard time for writing this, saying even after 30 years, that I’m still brown nosing, but I didn’t give him the respect then, and so I have no problem giving him and others the respect they deserve, now.  The only thing that I feel cheated on, is that his last few graduating classes before retiring , had received 30 more years of his experience as not just a teacher, but a student himself.  Mr. Morrison was always learning and growing from his students, and using that tool to teach others in his future classes.  He taught me to paint, air brush, watercolor, pen and ink, the wonders of Frank Frazetta and other artist, pottery, three-dimensional and of course, to sketch and sketch quickly.

If you have or had a teacher or mentor that has guided you, take this post as an opportunity to honor them or show respect to their teachings, by listing how they effected your life or just mentioning their names in your comment. They may not know that you did so, but it will give you a good feeling knowing that you did.

Man up and Fix IT! Oil Spill

This is a quick marker and watercolor sketch for a painting, depicting the disgust I have for all the destruction of the gulf.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for drilling, both coastal and inland, this is a source we need and have plenty of if done right.  First of all, if it was closer to the shoreline it would have been cap within days, but because of the depth, it makes the procedures near impossible to do quickly.  Secondly, what the heck is up with the government  and its red tape and stupidity.  From what I understand there were clean up ships offered by other countries within days of the spill to help in the clean up, but was refused by a crazy law, not allowing foreign-made ships to be used for such matters… what, huh, what!  From what I understand both President Bush and President Clinton allowed this law to be lapse in order to receive help for exxon and other matters. I’m sure you all have seen the same videos that I have on different products and ideas for soaking up and cleaning up this disaster, but yet they do very little to clean up that which has already been spilled.

So, this sketch is my version of the greed and politics at its worst, allowing something so wonderful and needed to slip through the hands of those responsible and becoming something horrible and deadly.

What I would love to see is someone taking this sketch or your own version and paint it.  I give complete permission to use my art on this one sketch to do so.  All I ask is that you contact me once finished so that I can see your work.

O.K. BP, Federal Government and President Obama, get off your ass, get off the political maneuvering, and get this thing fixed.

GoldFinch Watercolor

There must be a God,

a creator of such creatures,

a splash of golden yellow,

upon their feathers and their features.

Dancing among the thistles,

as though kids in play,

as others flying in,

while the others dance away.

The males wear a toupee of black,

with golden yellows shining bright,

while the females beauty is faded,

their colors a little slight.

More beauty attires the males,

as they strut and do their dance,

trying to impress the females,

as they hope and to have a chance.

A touch of golden yellow,

on God’s Earthly painting of wonder,

full of amazing colors and life,

so stop, look and ponder.

When they were little

My, my, my how time flies, these two little girls of mine are now 16 and twenty years old. Although I’m very proud how both turned out with an amazing intelligence and beauty.  They have both given me a lifetime worth of love and memories.  memories of walking hand in hand with my oldest to the local store to get an ice cream, while waiting for her mom to get off work down the street.  I know this doesn’t sound like much, but the true heartfelt love that we shared in daily stories and learning on that walk, makes for a wonderful memories.  The memory of building their play house and swing by hand just to watch my youngest swing all day, right side up, upside down, twirling in circles, up to the age that most would have stopped.  Sure there are memories of birthday parties, vacations and all the bigger moments of memories, but it was some of the small things that meant so much to me.  It did help that our girls were disciplined early, so by time they were 2 or 3 we could take them anywhere and never had to worry about fits or misbehavior. They learned early that dad would not put up with that.  For you younger couple or those about to have children, may I give you some advice that you might have had or heard before.  Spend as much time with your kids as possible, they do grow up so fast that moments missed are never going to come back.  Walk with your kids and truly listen to them and what they are saying.  Play with them as though you were a child once again.  But most importantly, remember you are their IDOL, that doesn’t last forever, so make sure you enjoy every moment of it.  Also from the very beginning of their lives, you are the main teacher of life and habits for your child.  If you show love easily, they will show love, if you show anger constantly, they will show anger, if your habits are bad (smoking, drinking, abuse of any kind), odds are they will follow in those same foot steps.  Now does this mean your children will be perfect, heck no.  They’re kids, and I have a receding hairline and high blood pressure to prove it.  But by working hard and putting so much love into your children, you have given them the best teaching and opportunity that you could give.  Make sure you give your children just as much time alone with you as you would golf, hunting, t.v. or other past times.  Don’t give your children new games or toys just so they will go away and play, all they will do is pile up in the corner along with the memories that you could have been making with your children.  Well enough preaching and now for some of my memories.

1.  Taking my girls fishing… learning to leave my gear at home because I was to busy getting their hooks out of the trees.  Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

2.  The look in their eyes when first seeing the ocean… both always seeming to have one butt cheek that wouldn’t stay in their swim suites bottoms.  Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

3.  Staying in a cabin with all their cousins and pulling and swinging them around on a quilt and a wood floor trying to force them off… learning how out of shape I was pulling them. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

4.  The wonder and awe they had for everything Disney World could offer… Aerosmith’s rock-n-roll roller coaster ROCKS. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

5.  Watching them come down the steps at Christmas time half a sleep, hair sticking out and their little long gowns on… tearing up now, sniffle sniffle.  Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Don’t miss the chance of memories!

Cottonwood flies-watercolor

This was a lunchtime plus a few breaks watercolor experiment. Why experiment, to keep it loose and have the light wipe out completely some of the objects.  I have never painted a watercolor similar to this and wanted to do it with some speed and not over do it.  I’m fairly happy with the results, but I haven’t mastered the color combinations like some of my wonderful blog friends.

I have named this painting “Cottonwood Flies” because of the floating white spots representing cottonwood balls.  In Indiana these little fuzzy balls float around in the air as though a feather or a light snowflake and then swirl around on the ground as though dancing with the wind.  The beautiful old house is a house similar to the place where I went turkey hunting this weekend, I know your getting tired of old things, but I have such wonderful memories and wonder about these places.  I love to explore the insides of them and find old toys, news papers and any other item that peek my interest.  Anyway, some of you experienced landscapers and artist drop me some hints on colors to use and avoid… I need the help!  Thanks

African Girl – watercolor Final

I went ahead and finished this watercolor out over lunch.  I found that I could do this beautiful lady justice with watercolor.  To capture her skin, eyes and soulful spirit is going to require more colors and possibly acrylics. But I hope you still enjoy viewing the watercolor.  Thanks again!

Red among blooms – nude

This is a quick pencil and marker sketch that I’m possibly going to paint in the future. I haven’t had a lot of time for my art but I’m hoping you stick around and not give up on me. I believe when I go to paint this painting it will be in grays or black  and bright reds only. Let me know what you think and your opinions.  Thanks, and keep visiting!


This is a scene taken from the gardens behind my house… just joking! Trailers don’t have columns… Just joking, I don’t live in a trailer!  Actually this is an acrylic painting I started at the end of last week and didn’t get to work on it much over the weekend, but I wanted to post it in a beginning stage.  My camera, which I’m still hoping to get a new one soon, takes crappy pictures, but this will at least give you an idea of what I’m working on.  I love old architecture, the craftsmanship and beauty is amazing, especially seeing that they used rough tools and no computers for the engineering. I’m hoping to get a few evenings this week to finish it, but I have plenty to do on the old “honey – do list”.  It’s kind of exciting to pick up the old acrylics tubes again and splash some color on a canvas.  Well, I hope you like it and hopefully by Friday I’ll have the finished product.  See Ya soon!

This is no Easter Bunny!

That’s right, if you see this thing bringing you eggs this weekend… RUN!  I’m sorry to post such a evil painting this weekend, but my time has been extremely busy so I have to post this old painting I did for a friend in 2005. He is into the fantasy card games and wanted me to paint this creature from one of his cards.  It’s all acrylic on canvas and painted in two evenings. I haven’t posted very many of my acrylics and thought this might be interesting for some of you to see.  Most of my acrylics have been sold or given away with no photo archiving of them, so I have very little to show for them.

In my earlier years of painting, almost all were either landscaping and fantasy, but mostly fantasy.  Now I try to mix it up for my own interest more than anything else.

I hope you enjoy and Happy Easter!

Springtime is HERE! Challenge!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a wonderful response, and I’m so excited to see what my so talented blog friends have done with this. I’ll be honest, the first one I did, I threw it away in disappointment. I’m not happy with this one, but my wonderful wife and I went on a short anniversary trip so I didn’t have time to do anything else. O.K. enough about my excuses… I can’t wait to see what everyone else has done. SO LET THE FUN BEGIN.

Post a comment here and leave your linking web. Make sure to visit everyones blog today, to see the talent and styles!

Thanks everyone for the participation and taking the time to do this.

Springtime Challenge!

I challenge you! O.K. it’s getting closer to spring and I’m getting excited. What I thought we might try is a painting or drawing free-for-all. I love that so many of my blog guest have styles completely different from myself. So, I picked a spring photo that I thought could be interpreted in different styles.  I doesn’t matter what media, style or interpretation you do, but I would liked for it to be this photo. And then on Monday, March 22, the first Monday after Spring weekend, we can all post them at the same time, visit each others blogs and see how art is such a wonderful thing.  On that day, I will post my painting, and with your comments that you leave for me, others can link to your blog to see your interpretation of the same photo.  The only thing I ask is not to post your painting until that day, so others won’t be influenced by your work.  I think we will all be amazed how different each will be.  This is also an opportunity to try something new, I think I’m going out of my comfort zone on this one and attempt a new approach.

This may or may not work, but the more that attempts it, the  better!

Good luck and see your art on March 22!