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Spring Break

Spring? Bring it! – watercolors

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These are several fast ink and watercolor sketches that I’ve recently finished just trying to bring Spring to southern Indiana.

The bottom left is a non-Spring related ink sketch, but is an old retro style Sci-Fi scene. With an astronaut hoping they know that he comes in peace, not realizing what behind him, does not!

The other three are a familiar scene from the southern Indiana area. The Spring rains have begun, and the snow has all but melted away, that’s not to say that we might get more next week. Last week we received 8.5″ of snow and temps were in the single digits farenheit, this week, almost 70 degrees. As we would say around here “If you don’t like the weather today, wait till tomorrow, it will completely be different.”

These are 5″ x 7″ on 140 cold press watercolor paper.

Thanks for viewing and I hope flowers are blooming where-ever you live.

Spring Break – Watercolor

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Just got back from Spring Break, and a break was needed. Between health issues and the craziness of my work place, a little R&R was appreciated.  We went with some wonderful friends, which we have been best of friends now for at least ten years.  Their kids were in the same classes as ours, so that works out perfectly and their kids (now young adults) have wonderful values and ethics.  They are one of only a few couples that I would even consider staying in the same place for that many days.  Dr. Frank and myself have a lot in common. He loves to read… I don’t, He’s a doctor… I’m not, O.K. so we have some differences, but he loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking… and so do I. Our wives, well they have talking in common, and they do it well! LOL

This year was our youngest girls high school senior year, so we let them pick on where they wanted to go. A lot of their friends were going to Panama City Beach Florida, so that’s where we went. Being about a 11 hour drive from our house, it wasn’t to bad of a drive, I’m just not sure why Florida hasn’t figured out the direct route idea. We zoom down to Montegomery, Alabama, but then it’s back road and stop lights from there to Panama City. Hello! can anyone say direct interstate or major highway to Panama City! You have hundreds of thousands of northern white legs each year trying to get to Panama City to spend millions of dollars, and you can’t build a direct highway. Anyway, we had a great time and enjoyed every minute of a week of beautiful weather.

I didn’t have a lot of painting time but the watercolor above was one that I painted while laying on the white sands of Florida. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to visit my Gallery at the top of the blog.

Sea Shell by the Sea Shore – Watercolor

Listen… can you hear it, years and years of families making memories. Can’t hear it yet, put the shell a little closer to your ear, and listen closely, now do you hear the kids laughing as they run back and forth, up and down the beach, avoiding the waves edge. Maybe the laughter as the dad throws his kids high in the air and catching them just before they land in the ocean waters or maybe the building of the first sand castle for some small kids and the amazement in their eyes when something so beautiful can be made from something so simple.  Or maybe the teenagers playing games, hoping that they meet someone special to spend their Spring Break with.  Or maybe that retired older couple that spends their days hand in hand walking the beach, remembering all those memories and still making more as they go. Can you hear it, can you hear it now?  If not, maybe it’s because you haven’t experienced it yet, and just don’t know what it sounds like.  Take my advice, and locate the nearest ocean and go, we drive 10-14 hours to get to one, and it’s all worth it!  Sacrifice some unnecessary, material things, and take that special one, family or your kids, and go.  I think you’ll find that it is all worth it in the end.  And while your down there, buy a conch shell, they are only a few dollars, mark the date on the bottom of it, and put your ear close to its opening and listen every once in a while, I think then you hear all the memories that you had made.  Thanks, and make some memories with your family!

Spring Break 2011

It was HOT, it was FUN, and I LOVED it!  I didn’t get a lot of time to paint because I spent most of my time deep sea fishing and having fun with my family and the family that went with us.  I did get a couple of watercolors in before leaving, but not a lot of plein airing.  The temperature was 82 – 87 degrees and nothing but blue skies the entire time that we were in Orlando.  But then we got the pleasure of returning to Indiana with snow, wind and 34 degrees… SUCKS!   Thanks for visiting and I hope my painting brings you a little Florida warmth when viewing it.