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Nest – Watercolor

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Twice this year already I have had birds build their nest where I would prefer that they wouldn’t, on my kitchen window seal and on top our front porch column. The column isn’t to bad accept every time that you would walk out the front door the mother bird would come busting out of the nest and scare the pants off of you. The kitchen window seal didn’t bother us, but the mother bird would constantly fly away every time it seen movement in our kitchen (and that’s a lot with me in the house) and we were afraid it would abandon the eggs. So I tape a piece of black card board to the window in order to block its view into the house. That seem to work. And the front porch nest, we just let go until the little ones had left the nest. This painting is dedicated to all the mother birds that build the nest…. where they are supposed to… in a tree!

This is a 9″ x 9″ watercolor on 140lb cold press paper

Keeping from going adrift – watercolor

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Well, it’s been awhile and I know some of you are thankful for it! It has been a crazy Spring and beginning of the Summer here in Indiana, and so my art has taken a hit because of it. But I’m hoping to add to my blog more often, and get back into the swing of it. Thanks for checking in from time to time and I hope you have enjoyed it.

This painting is of a solo boat in the middle of a bay, and under an unseen pier. The dark shadows contrasting with the blues and purples caught my eye and so I had to paint it. But there is more to this in my mind than just a painting. You see I’m at the time of my life (old, but not real old) that I’m not sure if I should stay tied to what I know as safe, comfortable, and unchallenging, like you see in the painting, or should I untie that anchoring rope and allow myself to drift into the unknown territory of the NEW. I know that everyone has these moments through out their lives. You know, that first step into school class, getting your drivers license, dating, marriage, having children, and for me changing jobs, becoming a full time artist or possibly retiring soon (but continue my art). It is so comfortable being tied to that post of life, and be very happy in that situation, but then you have to wonder what might be out there for you if you would take that chance and untie the comforting rope and set adrift. Well, I guess you’ll have to check in from time to time to see if the boat has been set a sail to the shores of Florida, or still tied to the comfortable life in Indiana. Either way, I’ll have paint brush in hand, and ready to paint the next moment in life that captures my eye.

Thank you again for visiting, and may your journey in this life be a grand one!

Native American Indian – Watercolor

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As a child growing up, Native Americans were a big part of my life. When playing Cowboys and Indians, I was always an Indian. I admired their spiritual respect for nature, their pride, and their knowledge of Earthly gifts. Even in high school art classes, this was one of my favorite subjects and I hope that I do them justice in my paintings.

This is a 12″ x 18″ watercolor painting on 140 cold press paper.

Manatee Sea Cow – watercolor

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My daughters are getting ready to move to Florida and one will be working with Winter the dolphin missing a tail replaced by a prosthetic. There was a movie released about it called A Dolphin Tail starring Harry Connick, Jr. and Ashley Judd. She will be working with several mammals at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Along with that, she will be swimming with these huge but adorable creatures. \
I have painted several wildlife of different colors series and they seem to be really popular, so I thought that I would do one of the Manatee to go with the series. Although this one isn’t finished yet, it is all watercolor and will be matted to fit a 16″ x 20″ frame.

I hope you enjoy, and I will post the final product once finished.

We all love dogs – Watercolors

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These are two recent watercolors of mine that will be given away for two important reasons. The first will be going to a friend of my daughters for a Valentine Day gift for his wife. It’s easy to go out and buy flowers or candy, but something unique or handmade, always made more sense to me and I hope his wife loves it.

Although important for this friend, the second painting is a life changer. Maybe not the painting, but what it will be auctioned off for hopefully will be. A high school friend of mine will be auctioning off the original, and will be offering prints to purchase in order to raise money for children with Epilepsy, and has a need for a trained early warning dog by their side. Knowing how important these dogs can be to change, and save lives, it was an easy choice to donate. My daughter trains dogs for the military PTSD, and other specially trained dogs, not only are the dogs amazing, but the trainers are equally amazing. The Gala and Auction will be held in Indiana and I hope that the auction is successful and will be able to supply several children with the dogs that they desperately need as a companion, and early warning alert system.

As an artist, I believe that God has given me (us) a gift to use as a craft to make a living, and help others that are in need. Please as an artist, give your time and art to special charities, churches, or any other group that may need just a little help.

First Time – Acrylic

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One Canvas, One Palette knife, and a whole lot of not being confident! This is something that I have been wanting to try, but just never took the plunge. My first time use of the palette knife and zero use of brushes, and I really enjoyed it. This gallery wrapped canvas is a 12″ x 28″ (with no black border as seen on photo image)
If anyone has suggestions, critics (constructive), or anything else to say, please comment. Thanks

Newburgh Indiana – watercolor

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An old small building in Newburgh, Indiana caught my eye and couldn’t help but paint it. It has all sorts of old stuff laying and piled up inside that I would love to go thru just to see what’s in there (of course no trespassing). Located next to a funeral home, the owners are currently looking into making it a museum about funeral homes. I would love to turn it into my studio/gallery but not sure the owners would consider it. Again just another old building, but with a lot of history and stories if only the walls could talk.

16″ x 20″ original watercolor, matted and framed
$180.00 + SH

Black Death… that’s Purple

CapedetailClick on image to zoom
I’ve never had a run in with a beast such as this, but had a close call with a mean HEIFER with an ATTITUDE, which all of us men knows that can be just as deadly! Being surrounded by farms most of my early life, I was used to cattle, horses and other farm animals, and I’m smart enough to avoid bulls in a field, but wasn’t expecting what was about to happen with a heifer. I was fishing with a friend on the banks of a cattle field pond for half hour or so with no problems. While fishing from the bank, I all of sudden had this funny feeling that someone was behind me, now my friend was on the other side so I knew it wasn’t him, so I turned and just feet from me was the “Heifer with the Attitude”. Not thinking anything about it, I just tried to convince her to turn and just walk away… she had other ideas. She stared and begin to close in on me, thinking she just wanted something to eat and thought I was the farmer with hay, I again tried to convince her to turn and walk away… she had other ideas! She then became aggressive, and gave more of a charge motion, now I’m getting closer and closer to the ponds edge, and not sure what’s going through this Heifer with an Attitudes head, but it was making me mad. At this point, it became a full charge at me and I decided to show her whose boss… so I ran into the pond like a scared school girl, after all I swam 4 years in high school, ha, showed her! My friend was cracking up on the other side of the pond, until the Heifer with an ATTITUDE ran on the other side and chance him into the pond as well. Every time one of us would attempt to get out she would run over and chase us back in. Finally being bored with being the HEIFER with an ATTITUDE she walked away allowing us to exit. The moral of this story is, Never mess with a HEIFER with an ATTITUDE or at least be ready to take a swim!

This old beauty has a lot of character with the tattered ears, scars, wrinkles and a huge amount of horn protecting his skull, and usually black in color (reason why they are known for being black death.) But I decided to add a little color to his world and paint him with blues and purples.
An original watercolor matted for a 18″ x 24″ frame. $100.00

Driftwood Santa – Wood Carving

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LOL! Well this was my first attempt at driftwood carving. A bad piece of wood, cheap carving tools and very little knowledge of carving… and this is what you get! This took a couple of evenings and I enjoyed it a lot. Hoping the old fellow (Santa) might bring better tools for future carvings at Christmas, with new tools, it might bring better results.

Thank you everyone that visited my little corner of the web this year, and thank you all that visited my shows and lessons. Have a great Holiday Season, be safe, and see you next year!

Bells of Christmas – watercolor

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This painting is another original that I will be offering at the French Lick Indiana Show that is special priced at $75.00 matted. I’m trying to do several originals that can be affordable to those who would like an original art, but normally can’t afford them. This painting and others are matted to fit a 16″ x 20″ frame. I hope you enjoy them and if in the area will come out and say hello and view my art.

French Lick Hotel Resort
November 22-23-24th 2013