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Nothing like a Longneck – watercolor

MomandBabeClick on image to zoom in

This is one of three Wildlife mom and babe paintings that I will be doing for small notes and prints. I will be using various colors including greens, purples, reds and other colors to bring a little flair to each. These giraffes have purple, reds, orange and blues to make the spots and shading. I have a full schedule of shows and commissions, but I hope to maintain the blog the best that I can.

The parents and babe series came from the realization that my own children our becoming adults and how I miss them and the tender moments when they were little. They are still full of love, but are working, and going to college, so very little time to see us, but when they do, it’s truly a joy. ¬†When my parents warned me that time flies by even faster when you get older and I didn’t think that was possible, but I realize now… it’s true!